Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maiden Post

Hi.  My name is Erin, and sometimes I go by eMouse.  By "sometimes", I mean "on the internet only".  There's been a few times in my life when people have told me I'm a good writer.  Whether that's true, or as tragic as telling someone they're a good singer, and being ultimately responsible for them waiting in line for three days just to humiliate themselves in front of a panel of nail-spitting British judges on national television is up to you.

Here's a few personal facts, just to list a few things about myself, or perhaps give insight to any future, less-than-coherent entries:

- I was born in the eighties, and it shows in my frequent popular culture references.

- I was an average student in school.  I made it all the way through art school, graduating seven (damn!) years ago.

- I love music.  I play guitar and bass guitar.  Seeing how I usually like to bring in the funk, I usually choose bass.

- I love the New England professional sports scene, particularly the Red Sox and Patriots.  I don't really care about the Revolution, though.  Who does, really?

-  As I mentioned earlier I graduated from art school.  I majored in illustration, but have yet to hold a steady-paying job revolving around those skills.  I freelance here and there, but have needed a 9-5 job to pay the bills.  This doesn't mean I'm not living the dream, mind you.  It just means that on top of drawing you a kick ass picture, I could educate you on the finer points of deli meats, give you advice on reasonable rates for a hotel room on Cape Cod in the Summer, and help you get to the bottom of that weird smell coming from your chimney.

-  I love video games, particularly the classics.  My senior year illustration thesis was based upon creating more lucid, detailed depictions of the old-school games with primitive graphics.  This concept has gotten less original as years have gone by.

-  I was born and raised on Cape Cod, and live there now.  As a result, I hold a somewhat low opinion of tourists.  I find that a rather ugly aspect of going on a vacation myself...Becoming one myself...Ugh.

-  I only keep a few real friends.  I have a-hundred-and-something Facebook friends, but that's only because I'm the type of person who accepts friend requests from people who made me miserable in school.  I don't know why I do this.

-  My family is awesome.  I love them all.  We are the type of people that make fun of each other as a sign of affection, and plan our meetings around the schedules of favorite sports teams.  Despite this fact, I'm still one of those jerks that doesn't call or visit her parents enough.

That's really all I can think of now.  I guess all that comes next is typing up some new material, and maybe posting some older material I already uploaded to other sites to flesh things out a bit.  There's another fact:  I'm one of those arrogant people who will put together a greatest hits collection before anyone knows who the hell I am.

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